Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking

Our sites are still up, we are still here..

Our site has not been updated for a while but the tweets, VK communities, activism are fresh. The RCMP Commissioner Bob put in place after a civilian dismissed most of the upper rank by PM Harper following Sexual Harassment issues, Cpl. Catherine Galliford, etc, is gone. He is replaced by a women, Commissioner of Depot? Do not have all the details but there seems to be a play of words with the new PM Trudeau assignment and new pot legislation. #MeToo #TimesUp two recent movements concerning Sexual Harassment ..

Sexual Harassment

Coercive Tactics

Human Trafficking, it seems all Western countries and UN are corrupt, involved in using Radiological & HSS Weapons, which are linked to Secret Police Human Trafficking in QC Canada, attempts to repress and murder us PHIA CCME. No mention of these by anyone, world leader, UN, etc, while our activism and evidence has been visible for years.

Thanks for checking our blog, site, everything is active, in progress.

PS. no new video clips for several years now but our Channel has reached 3k

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