Radiological Weapons In QC Canada

Day 28 The response to Day 26 tweets has been a new Police Report on racial profiling, none regarding radiological weapons by Police or Media.

Day 26 #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin #SecretPolice #Charbonneau(s) Debate Q: Assasination attempts or one ongoing assassination attempt?
Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 2019
Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 2018
UQAM University Aug 17 2017

Normal background radiation is 12 (9-13). Here are several playlists of low (compared to above) radiological weapon assaults:

Two Geiger Counters

UQAM AUG 17 2017 Xray (80+)

Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 (64+)

Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 (very high)

Complex-Desjardins Nov 8 (25+)

Complex-Desjardins (31+)

Place des Arts Metro Xray (25+)

Justice Canada Building Xray (25+)

Galerie du Park Xray (21+)

ScotiaBank McGillU Xray (25+)

Dorval Shopping Center (25+)

Best Buy (25+)

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