Dec 2021, updating site, seo, removing dead urls Etc.

No posts since Oct 2019. Our sites are badly outdated, many dead urls, other sites that no longer exists, CNN iReports no longer exists, fixing site glitches. All of these and more impact our Google page rank, Search Engine Optimization. Purchased a new laptop this last winter but got stolen shortly after installing Visual Studio, HTML editor, Jul 28 2021, along with other electronics and SOEKS Quantum Geiger counter.

Already a few updates, we’ll try to regain our #1 Google rank.

Radiological and sonic weapon terrorism issue with City Police (SPVM) and RCMP, corruption, ongoing issue for over ten years, and Oct 21 2011 Superior Court Honorable Judge France Charbonneau.

Dec 21 2021, we sent an email regarding SPVM STM fabricated fines, one auto guilty verdict Feb 16 2019 SPVM “Police Discretion” fine, 8 days after Feb 8 2019 Atwater Alexis Nihon Shopping centre radiological weapon attack (terrorism, RCMP National Security jurisdiction).

It’s timed with Montreal’s new state of emergency declaration regarding OMICRON, COVID19, new varient.

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