(Feb 20 2022) Site Updates, Fixes, and Terrorism

The site has been updated and fixed a bit since this summer, purchase of a 2nd laptop following the theft of my backpack, (new) laptops, SOEKS geiger counter that is in 2019 very background radiation radiological weapon evidence videos. Under ongoing high surveillance by secret police participants teamworking with Police in corruption, mobbing, fabricating allegations, fines, I strongly suspect that the RCMP, City Police, City Employees, and secret police participants were behind the theft. The main issue is with them for a long time is this ongoing high surveillance and mobbing, fabricating fines like the more recent ones of Dec 2 2020 linked to the ongoing MLepine theme, and their use of radiological and sonic weapons.

Another radiological weapon attack on Feb 14 2022, after calling the RCMP Terrorism Tip Line on Feb 13 2022. And, the Police are worse than in 2019. The Police that showed up on Oct 17 2019 viewed the evidence videos, “Chernobyl”, and physical attack. They understood everything, but did not take the video evidence, and did not write a Police Report like they said they would. On Feb 14 2022, the SPVM Police that show up seem to be fabricating, trying to fabricate an arrest, and seem to be trying to have me banned forever from another shopping center similar to being banned on Feb 9 2019 for filming the radiological weapon attack at Atwater Alexis Nihon on Feb 8 2019.

So, Dec 2 2020 SPVM STM (Peltier) I lost by default again. Fines around $700. RCMP never responded to complaint R2021-2600 about Welcome Hall Employees intentionally placing someone with COVID19 symptoms in my room in Feb 2021, name Mr Lepine, which is part of another complaint against RCMP Terrorism Tip Line that said not terrorism.. called the FBI, and hanged up. Similar to most recent complaint Aug 19 2021 regarding radiological weapon terrorism of 2019, am I supposed to know everything that happens in Canada, and hangs up.


Back to the sites, Feb 14 I purchased anther hosting plan. The current hosting plans expire in about 3 months. The sites will continue to be updated to newer and better versions.

Facebook, Twitter

Facebook seems involved from the beginning of the Police fabricated allegations of Feb 21 2011 combined with secret police participants using radiological and sonic weapons from neighboring apartments and homes, in the city. Facebook deleted our pages and fans three times, including on arrest day. I was locked out for 8 years of my account through Facebook password reset dysfunction. The pages returned, but there’s still some password reset dysfunction, cannot update page information, which impacts our sites SEO.

Twitter is now doing similar, suspensions. Just before another attack “human error” when an employee sold off my stocks. “we can do this”. It was later corrected following complaints to different organizations. And another suspension around May 17 when for the first time I lost to a disputed fine, fabricated fines that are withdrawn in court. I lost by default in City “Criminal” Court. The judge laughed, and I told them that they were corrupt. There have been several terrorism and crime tip related tweets, influence of the mind tweets, psychological manipulation that secret police do such as guide towards gangs, suicide, retaliation or aim blame for (Gov, Police) repression through homelessness, secret police participant in corruption at gay men, women vandettas, jews, .. Currently DHUNTweets is still suspended since May.

New GQ GMC-500+

There is video evidence for the Feb 14 radiological weapon terrorism similar to Oct 17 2019. And again no Police have officially taken these video evidence, and no Police Report. RCMP civilian call center dispatchers will not let me speak to any RCMP Officers (Terrorism jurisdiction) instead want to send City Police, more corruption and arrest attempts. RCMP Terrorism Tip Line are now public servants in Ottawa. The geiger counter holds about 7 to 10 days of data. So, it looks like I got hit with a lot of radiation on Feb 8, Feb 17, and on Feb 14 when I started filming, assault did not stop, alerted shopping center security, Police, .. fabrications and probably arrest attempt similar to Dec 2 2020.

Psychological Harassment, Bullying, Mobbing

All of this corruption, homelessness, terrorism issues are very important but we are not hitting our key SEO words like psychological harassment, psychological manipulation, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, mobbing, suicide factors, rage shooting factors, ..