Site Updates, State of the Union, Bullying

PHIA (org) has been updated to a newer content management system but that site is not yet ready to replace the current one, which has been updated and fixed a bit, looks better, faster. The content, articles, is reachable by search engines.

The html site content still requires a lot of updating, fixing, to keep, regain our high google site/page rank in searches for psychological harassment. On Google we are down to 5. On Bing still #1 the last time I checked.

Can post to our Facebook page but cannot update the information, which impacts SEO (google search rank). Cannot reset the password. Ongoing problems that got worse on Feb 21 2011 (Mobbing, Corruption, Gov and Police, Secret Police participants).

DHUNTtweets is still suspended since May 2021. Suspension is linked to CRIME and TERRORISM tips, secret police influence of the mind, aiming blame at others for Gov and Police corruption such as gay men, women, jews, .. . And Bitcoins, jokes to Elon. On the site the tweets visible all these months are the Radiological weapon terrorism attack at Concordia U and the other Joe Biden and Gov corruption.

Yesterday was the US State of the Union, some Mobbing Research tweets from Climate Change Mass Extinction ..

Pres Biden has mentioned Bullying, has not mentioned Psychological Harassment, Psychological Manipulation, Mobbing, .. , CBRN + Sonic type weapons being used by Gov, Police, Secret Police, cities, employers, organized crime, terrorism, human trafficking, etc, .. AHI (brain damage, ruptures, tumors, .. )