Mobbing Research .., Survey & Forum Back Online, Dec 2 2020 -$ (Xmas), News

Mobbing Research: Psychological Manipulation New Theme

For several months now secret police have been using a new psychological manipulation theme in attempts to provoke and enrage me. It’s similar to inflicting financial damages through police and gov corruption, personal relationships, or saying that my ex girlfriends are having sex with other men (really? 🤬!).

They keep saying my parents and uncle are dead, secret police participants taking their things, living in their houses, ..


I stopped or slowed writing Mobbing Research .. Secret Police Psychological Manipulation posts after Feb 21 2011 (arrest, Charbonneaus). Many were written on CNN iReports too, which ceased to exist. They do a lot of middle class, LGBTQ, climate change, .. , PR.

The PHIA survey and forum are back online, need data update or new surveys.

Sonic weapon targeting the head, inflicting brain damage are very intense at ConcordiaU (always have been, Gina Cody EV building, & radiological weapon terrorism ex Dec 10 2019), and Federal building temp homeless shelter (walls and ceiling covered with sonic emitters 2022).

I have two new geiger counters (US GQ 500+, China .. ) to replace the world famous (2019 terrorism) SOEKS Quantum Geiger counter stolen Jul 28 2021 [ The Usual Suspects : RCMP, SPVM, secret police participants. NOTE a lot of Gov, RCMP, & SPVM corruption evidence on the stolen laptops. ]

I suspected secret police participants, City Employees, STM SPVM, were going for another auto-guilty victory on Dec 8 2021 when I picked up my mail, Dec 2 2020 2am (2nd auto-guilty victory, all other fabricated fines WITHDRAWN in court), fine NOTICES (created Oct 20, for Nov 30). More fees to repeal auto-guilty, and I lost.

Corruption, terrorism, fabrications, many fines withdrawn, (homeless, UPS mailbox), video evidence, same STM agents, .. , no delivery time and date stamp on city letters, ..  “I’ve heard everything .. Valid defense .. for another court, another judge, at some other time .. here is my judgement .. due diligence .. if you cannot check your mailbox every 2 days for whatever reason..” “it’s not what happened your honor”.

I lost. $800.00. It turns out that the date of this hearing Jun 17 2022 is 18 months and 15 days after the Dec 2 2020 fines too.

For a payment agreement you have to give them all your personal info, I refused, no payment agreement can be made. It turns out that you can pay any portion of the fines but it does not stop any city actions like suspending your driving license [ homelessness and terrorism (radiological & sonic weapons) refuge ], seizing your car, ..

City employees, secret police participants were also insinuating, like the City Judge, that these fines can be appealed. Appeal Court fee $369.

I paid one fine on deadline of Jul 20 2022 $310.00.

I recently noticed 🥳 .. US Climate Change bill $369 Billion.

Thanks for the tip Monchin.


==// Jul 20 2022 post //==

City & RCMP Corruption News Jul 20 2022
Hey Obama 🤟 (2002) I went to the City Payment/Financial Center.

They seemed to skip my EV016 number because I had my eyes closed.

For a monthly payment option regarding the Dec 2 2020 2am fines, 2nd time they (Gov, Police, secret police high surveillence and corruption) win by default “due diligence” “if you cannot check your mailbox every 2 days for whatever reason..”. I have to complete a form:

– Address (radiological and sonic weapons from neighboring homes);
[ UPS Mailbox, Homeless, as stated in court June 17 ]

– Vehicle and goods that can be seized (they seize your vehicle);
[ I greatly suspect that all these fabricated fines are linked to this and the Provincial Driving license, which is your banking ID incase of a theft, theft that they also do to “clean” corruption. ]

– Revenue source, .. (they eliminate your means of subsistence through corruption) [ women that advocate gun ctrl ] 🥳 .. just kidding Mayor Plante & GGuilbault.

I tell the clerk that when people don’t pay they seize their vehicles and put them in prison?

She (two black women) says they seize the vehicle but since 2002 no longer prison for unpaid fines.

I tell her there’s been some progress .. fines through corruption .. that they are part of a large corruption network. She says probably (sarcasm Elon & Twitter?) ..

I tell her I won’t be completing the form, my sources of revenue, confidential, .. If I don’t complete the form there can be no monthly payment option. $800.00


It seems the corruption, “cleaning corruption and gov, police”, [ #Homicides, #HumanTrafficking ], is dependent on using radiological and sonic weapon types in the city, which is RCMP Terrorism jurisdiction corruption. Also homelessness, homeless drug addicts, .. , Mayor, Public Safety, [ PM (Trudeau), Justice Canada ], and media that lie to general population.

Radiological and sonic weapon types from neighboring apartments, homes, in shopping centers, universities, libraries, .. , in the city. So, fine fabrications, alcohol, speeding, [ 2009 Honorable Vincent ], .. , other city fines are all aimed at depletion, bankruptcy, (homelessness), and getting your vehicle too.

Radiological and sonic weapons at homeless shelters, (mostly black security), and no hygiene, clean washrooms, showers, .. , medical professionals for mostly drug addicts.

PS. Stocks are down 🤕. Seems to be all city black people, except for STM (Peltier). Still suspended on Twitter DHunttweets..


I paid one fine $310 for Dec 2 2020. I was also told that I can pay any portion of a fine but it does not delay any actions.


OCT 12 2020 on 360

OCT 29 2020 at McGill Subway Station (sonic weapons)

DEC 2 2020 on 356