2018 Golden Globes 75th, Sexual Harassment (Feminists, Suicide, Organized Crime)

I recently found video clips that were never uploaded. Homeless, ongoing mobbing, fines, radiological and sonic weapons, ..

These were uploaded, short clips under 2 minutes, women in activist mode regarding sexual harassment, women equality, .. . Only 4 of 11 of these clips are not blocked (censored).

There’s a recent suicide that involves the fans only site. Apparently involves anti-porn feminist, some saying she was trying to lure under aged women to her site. Her worth was $450,000. .. Some of the article makes no sense but it sounds like cyber bullying, or what secret police participants do. Perhaps trying to control and subjugate her through mobbing and threats. Organized crime, human trafficking.

It reminded me of why I’m not a feminist. Women, feminists, are used to attack other women, their source of revenu, fashion, nudity, .. instead of equal pay, sexual harassment, men. Similar to secret police participants, organized crime, which derails the women movement.

Here is the YouTube Playlist

It’s 2018 and sexual harassment is finally not permitted