PHIA YouTube Channel and Movie Video Clips

PHIA has been moved to hosting accounts that expire in 2024.

Our YouTube Channel Psychological Harassment Information Association has been updated and contains more recent movie clips from recent movies, and older ones.

The News section needs many new article posts, remains outdate.

PHIA seems to be the only site in the world that has Rage Shooting Factors, #1 in the world but have lost our #1 google page rank for Psychological Harassment, Psychological Manipulation, .. a few years ago. Site updates still in progress.

Radiological weapon terrorism is an ongoing corruption issue with the government, police, RCMP.

Our site similar to when Facebook was repeatedly deleting our page, deleted after Feb 21 2011 the Mobbing Research article arrest, returned (?) but locked out of Facebook through login password reset disfunction for several years, .. is highly censored by Google now, less by Bing.

This includes newer Radiological Weapon Terrorism info. An ongoing gov and police corruption issue similar to ongoing high surveillance, fabricating fines, theft, psychological harassment, threats of homelessness while homeless, threats of assassination, manipulation attempts, retaliation ideation, gun violence ideation, ..

In anycase, we’ll soon try to catch up by posting old articles and newer ones. I’ve noticed more articles in last few years regarding psychology, manipulation, health, workplace, sexual harassment MeToo movement, women, .. too.