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2022 New Year Jokes

#NewYear2022 #HumanTrafficking I got fired with 300 Ottawa Hospital workers, 85 Toronto nurses.. No EI, straight to bankruptcy, eviction, no address no check. Homeless, I run up Parliament entrance and scream “they kick me out each time it snows!”. RCMP start shooting at me..

Dec 2021, updating site, seo, removing dead urls Etc.

No posts since Oct 2019. Our sites are badly outdated, many dead urls, other sites that no longer exists, CNN iReports no longer exists, fixing site glitches. All of these and more impact our Google page rank, Search Engine Optimization. Purchased a new laptop this last winter but got stolen shortly after installing Visual Studio, HTML editor, Jul 28 2021, along with other electronics and SOEKS Quantum Geiger counter.

Already a few updates, we’ll try to regain our #1 Google rank.

Radiological and sonic weapon terrorism issue with City Police (SPVM) and RCMP, corruption, ongoing issue for over ten years, and Oct 21 2011 Superior Court Honorable Judge France Charbonneau.

Dec 21 2021, we sent an email regarding SPVM STM fabricated fines, one auto guilty verdict Feb 16 2019 SPVM “Police Discretion” fine, 8 days after Feb 8 2019 Atwater Alexis Nihon Shopping centre radiological weapon attack (terrorism, RCMP National Security jurisdiction).

It’s timed with Montreal’s new state of emergency declaration regarding OMICRON, COVID19, new varient.

bitcoinist. com: How China’s Tech Firms Are Racing For Metaverse Trademarks.
Human Trafficking and Drugs, Billions in real estate
[ ex Toronto, cities (some using radiological and sonic weapon types). BIOAgent COVID19 used to prevent another US led financial meltdown as they complete their cycle of give the wealthy all the money, general population debt and record inflation (ex “it’s capitalism”), drug addicts and new inflation homelessness “it’s capitalism” ] more like Gov & media organized crime always blaming capitalism ] .

In this article some experts talk about money laundering like many others have on the International front. It’s also fact that technology keeps progressing, digital currencies, services, products, trade .. $ etc.

Radiological Weapons In QC Canada

Day 28 The response to Day 26 tweets has been a new Police Report on racial profiling, none regarding radiological weapons by Police or Media.

Day 26 #cdnpoli #SNCLavalin #SecretPolice #Charbonneau(s) Debate Q: Assasination attempts or one ongoing assassination attempt?
Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 2019
Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 2018
UQAM University Aug 17 2017

Normal background radiation is 12 (9-13). Here are several playlists of low (compared to above) radiological weapon assaults:

Two Geiger Counters

UQAM AUG 17 2017 Xray (80+)

Complex-Desjardins Oct 1 (64+)

Alexis Nihon Atwater Feb 8 (very high)

Complex-Desjardins Nov 8 (25+)

Complex-Desjardins (31+)

Place des Arts Metro Xray (25+)

Justice Canada Building Xray (25+)

Galerie du Park Xray (21+)

ScotiaBank McGillU Xray (25+)

Dorval Shopping Center (25+)

Best Buy (25+)

9/11 18th Anniversary, Web Site URLs

We’ve received a few emails about dead urls or links on our links page over several months, years. Still in difficulty since 2011 secret police participant and police false allegation fabrication #Charbonneau(s), TD Bank, .. combined with HSS LRAD “The Knife” and Radiological weapon assaults. So most of our site, pages have not been updated, fixed, etc, since but have remained online. Anyone can post new url suggestions in Disqus (no sign up required) or Forums, which should still be functional and also get picked up by search engines. Thanks.

Anyone read our recent (Secret Police, Influence of the Mind) story? Today is 9/11 18th Anniversary, doing our part to fight terrorism.

AUGUST 21 – 23 Radiological Weapon Complaint

#Charbonneau(s) Finally completed (Sonic &) Radiological Weapon complaint to RCMP National Security (Terrorism div). Evidence submitted through urls, faxed to RCMP Ottawa HQ. Another complaint followed, August 25, Kenneth Mergel suspected Radiological Weapon complaint, which includes ATTENTION Dir Wray FBI HQ. There are retaliation ideation clues linked to climate change, Ellen DeGeneres, stagnant oceans and purple bacteria.. ? More evidence will be sent to them regarding radiological weapons, Gov, court, police ethics documents, (xray) assault videos. It was timed with different events SNC Lavalin ethics commission, USA divestment in tar sands, G7, .. World on Fire (again ref Katy Perry).

Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking

Our sites are still up, we are still here..

Our site has not been updated for a while but the tweets, VK communities, activism are fresh. The RCMP Commissioner Bob put in place after a civilian dismissed most of the upper rank by PM Harper following Sexual Harassment issues, Cpl. Catherine Galliford, etc, is gone. He is replaced by a women, Commissioner of Depot? Do not have all the details but there seems to be a play of words with the new PM Trudeau assignment and new pot legislation. #MeToo #TimesUp two recent movements concerning Sexual Harassment ..

Sexual Harassment

Coercive Tactics

Human Trafficking, it seems all Western countries and UN are corrupt, involved in using Radiological & HSS Weapons, which are linked to Secret Police Human Trafficking in QC Canada, attempts to repress and murder us PHIA CCME. No mention of these by anyone, world leader, UN, etc, while our activism and evidence has been visible for years.

Thanks for checking our blog, site, everything is active, in progress.

PS. no new video clips for several years now but our Channel has reached 3k