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Secret Police Harassment Network

Still do not believe this network exists in QC Canada? Secret Police hidden subjugation, their psychological harassment, psychological manipulation methods are actually documented here:

For several years now, to our best abilities, before the Police, Government, Secret Police corruption, fabrication, false allegations of 2011 combined with powerful radar type assaults, xrays assaults, focused ultrasound from neighboring homes, and everywhere downtown when targeted by this secret police network. We have lost our #1 google ranking “psychological manipulation” search title but still #1 in the world.


Have you seen, read our Sexual Harassment and Coercive Mind Control Tactics pages, a must for all women.

Mobbing, Depletion, Xray Assaults


Just logged into LinkedIn, still locked out of Facebook since 2011 Feb 21 arrest “uttering threats towards women”. What should I write, after predicting USA Economic collapse, warning people, I got hit again by Police, Government, Secret Police participants, Lt Charbonneau Feb 21, Judge Charbonneau Oct 21, Sgt Charbonneau, false allegations combined with powerful radar, xray type assaults, focused ultrasound from my neighbors DQuinn and Mergals, .. currently homeless in Montreal.

Climate Change Mass Extinction


Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES


Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES

Secret Police used this expertise on me, psychological manipulation towards suicide, which led to world leadership on Gay Rights Activism, LGBT Rights, why? Because I know among this expertise toolset that repeated Hate, Rejection are used extensively by secret police participants as they try to commit a suicide homicide. Hate, Rejection are linked to teen mental health, and suicides.

More on SUICIDE FACTORS, PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION on PHIA site (Fed involved in Xray Assaults on PHIA #Trudeau #Charbonneau) murder, replace leadership with secret police phonies.

Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES


Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES

Secret Police have an expertise, use it to manipulate targeted citizens towards suicide or towards violence, retaliation, rage shootings, massacres, acts of terror. One serious issue is that they will use Influence of the Mind, this expertise : abuse, corruption, repeated ideation and repeated suggestions of retaliation, aim blame, guide retaliation at schools for example. They then use secret police participants, victims, unaware citizens to advocate gun control, weaken 2nd Amendment, for hidden subjugation by the secret police.

Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES


Influence of the Mind HOMICIDES

I believe the Police, Government, Secret Police participants were really after this information, knowledge, wanted it gone, erased, and still do. Secret Police use Influence of the Mind extensively under hidden subjugation to deceive victims of repression, corruption, subjugation, aim blame at Police, mafia, biker gangs.. 

227. Repealed, 1999, c. 5, s. 9 
Killing by influence on the mind 

228. No person commits culpable homicide where he causes the death of a human being 

(a) by any influence on the mind alone, or 

(b) by any disorder or disease resulting from influence on the mind alone,

Civil Rights Leader Under Attack in Canada

“Since 2010-2011, false allegations of 2011, ongoing radar type assaults, x-ray too, attempts by the regime public harassment network, participants through focused ultrasound, technology, .. , to guide me towards biker gangs for “protection”  ..  I believe that the hope and change in Canada is coming, tyranny assigned to Conservatives, and more visible biker gang war, drugs, homicides, will soon fill the news, .. they want me to be part of this, not civil rights , human rights, climate change activism.

I should probably get critical health insurance too, for deadly brain tumors, bone, lung, .. , cancers.” – DH

3rd Hidden Homicide Method in Canada

1st, influence of the mind, repealed in 1999, psychological manipulation, suicide factors, .. , hate and rejection, no purpose, depression, repetitive suggestions “hang yourself”, psychological manipulation: “make a suicide plan”, .. . (Suicide Factors, Depression and Suicide Prevention)

2nd, radar type assaults, from neighboring homes, satellites “StarWars Program”, aimed at the center of the brain from satellites, neighboring homes at night during sleep, to inflict long term deadly brain tumors, repetitive assaults to degrade the brain, destroy the fertility of trgeted males,. (Microwave Spectrum Detection Equip, Spectroscopy)

3rd, x-ray type assaults from neighboring homes, combined with radar type assaults, aimed at inflicting deadly bone, lung, cancers to set examples for other secret police subjugated participants, and future victims,. (Spectroscopy, Geiger Counter for Background Radiation)

Faraday Cage, thick metal with copper wire, grounded, attenuates microwaves. X-ray shielding, limestone, travertine, .. calcium tiles or bags, the industry uses Lead to shield from x-rays, in some cases Barium, and Calcium (lime). Note lead is toxic to the brain and bones, limestone dust carcinogenic to lungs.

Suicide Factors, Hate and Rejection

“The arrest of Danny Hunt on Feb 21, 2011 seem to be linked to documenting Canada’s secret police harassment network, documented on Psychological Manipulation page, and their 1st hidden homicide attempt through influence of the mind, manipulation, suicide, found on the Suicide Factors page.

The Hate and Rejection, Suicide Factors, manipulation, repetitive suggestions, .. , are linked to cyberbullying and gay teen suicides.

This arrest involved long proceedings, radar type assaults from neighboring homes, public places, including the court house. The assaults aimed to degrade the brain, inflict deadly brain tumors,  .. , destroy fertility, combined with the harassment networks use of these inflicted damages to enrage victims, so that they appear deranged, aggressive, violent.

The secret police harassment network, their use of radar type assaults linked to cycles of tyranny, gradual ethnic cleansing, and hidden subjugation, the US UK empire.

3rd homicide method, combined with radar type assaults, neighboring home participants seem to be using x-ray type assaults, the increased risk of bone, lung, cancers, to set examples for their subjugated participants, and future victims.” – ..