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3rd Hidden Homicide Method in Canada

1st, influence of the mind, repealed in 1999, psychological manipulation, suicide factors, .. , hate and rejection, no purpose, depression, repetitive suggestions “hang yourself”, psychological manipulation: “make a suicide plan”, .. . (Suicide Factors, Depression and Suicide Prevention)

2nd, radar type assaults, from neighboring homes, satellites “StarWars Program”, aimed at the center of the brain from satellites, neighboring homes at night during sleep, to inflict long term deadly brain tumors, repetitive assaults to degrade the brain, destroy the fertility of trgeted males,. (Microwave Spectrum Detection Equip, Spectroscopy)

3rd, x-ray type assaults from neighboring homes, combined with radar type assaults, aimed at inflicting deadly bone, lung, cancers to set examples for other secret police subjugated participants, and future victims,. (Spectroscopy, Geiger Counter for Background Radiation)

Faraday Cage, thick metal with copper wire, grounded, attenuates microwaves. X-ray shielding, limestone, travertine, .. calcium tiles or bags, the industry uses Lead to shield from x-rays, in some cases Barium, and Calcium (lime). Note lead is toxic to the brain and bones, limestone dust carcinogenic to lungs.

Suicide Factors, Hate and Rejection

“The arrest of Danny Hunt on Feb 21, 2011 seem to be linked to documenting Canada’s secret police harassment network, documented on Psychological Manipulation page, and their 1st hidden homicide attempt through influence of the mind, manipulation, suicide, found on the Suicide Factors page.

The Hate and Rejection, Suicide Factors, manipulation, repetitive suggestions, .. , are linked to cyberbullying and gay teen suicides.

This arrest involved long proceedings, radar type assaults from neighboring homes, public places, including the court house. The assaults aimed to degrade the brain, inflict deadly brain tumors,  .. , destroy fertility, combined with the harassment networks use of these inflicted damages to enrage victims, so that they appear deranged, aggressive, violent.

The secret police harassment network, their use of radar type assaults linked to cycles of tyranny, gradual ethnic cleansing, and hidden subjugation, the US UK empire.

3rd homicide method, combined with radar type assaults, neighboring home participants seem to be using x-ray type assaults, the increased risk of bone, lung, cancers, to set examples for their subjugated participants, and future victims.” – ..

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Tweets to UN, CEOs, Govt Officials,

Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Equality,
Workplace Psychological Harassment extended by regime to Criminal Harassment Network, Suicide Factors, Two Regime Secret Police Homicide Methods – Attempts

UN Global Compact
#UN heads, CEOs & govt officials gathering TODAY for #WEPs event! #EqualityMeansJobs #IWD2014

Danny Hunt ‏@DHUNTtweets
@globalcompact @UN Does the UN and CEO know about workplace psychological harassment extended to regime public criminal harassment networks?

@globalcompact @UN Here are some of their psychological manipulations and routines documented

@globalcompact @UN This documented Canadian network was involved in one form of homicide attempt linked to cyberbullying suicides,

@globalcompact @UN See the Suicide Factors, and the Danny Hunt section

@globalcompact @UN I am currently experiencing another homicide method in Canada, repetitive radar type assaults, instead of manipulation,

@globalcompact @UN This method involved police false allegations, human rights violations, and aiming blame at the police instead of regime,

@globalcompact @UN See the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cage page, and the faraday cage videos that I created

@globalcompact @UN See the Radar Assaults and Faraday Cage page, and the faraday cage videos that I created

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@globalcompact Please note, the radar type assaults are for subjugation, to guide victims towards biker gangs, target beauty and women too,